What makes Chicken demand sustainable?

  • Chicken is accepted by almost all communities and is available across the country at reasonable prices.
  • It is the most organized sector in animal agriculture across India.
  • Govt Policy & campaign on food safety, public health, environment will help the organized chicken retails to grow.
  • Less time for shopping, comfortable, hygiene & clean retails environment make customer happy.
  • Higher disposable incomes have been a driving factor for this robust growth in organized retails

Top 10 Reasons to own a Chicken Vicken Franchise ?

  1. 30+ years of experience in Chicken business
  2. Speciality store from Baramati Agro Ltd.
  3. We know our chicken because we grow our chicken.
  4. Minimum investment & maximum profit.
  5. Best quality Feed used
  6. Quality control from farm-to-fork
  7. Effective Supply chain management
  8. ISO 9001 certified plant
  9. ISO 22000 certified plant
  10. Halal Certified products


We are a rapidly growing profitable retail chain with 60+ stores across Pune,Mumbai and Baramati city. We are a solid franchise investment with focus on quality and trust. This is not just a fantastic business opportunity, but a fruitful, healthy, mutually beneficial partnership.


Mr. Praful Kolekar
"Partnering with a Chicken Vicken has been extremely beneficial for me. the company has provided very good support to grow our business. Customers are very happy to get tender, tasty, and fresh chicken in a clean and hygienic environment. It has been a fruitful partnership which we wish to continue for long."
Mr. Abhay Shinde
It's my pleasure to be a business partner of Chicken Vicken brand. I am extremely happy with the support provided by the brand to me. Though currently holding one store very soon I will be having many CV stores under my umbrella. Great Job team ! Keep it up !! All the best for your bright future.