Mr. Rohit Pawar


The coming years will be filled with opportunities, but at the same time they will also come with their share of challenges as well. In the next few years, the companies which focus on efficiency, innovation, leadership, development and who have a strong value system, will have a competitive advantage over the others and will bring in sustainable market leadership.

At Baramati Agro Ltd, we always strive for these parameters and we believe in passionately working towards achieving Executional, Operational, and Organizational Excellence. We as a company are looking at collaborative success in the times to come and we always work towards creating value for all our stake holders.

I am happy to have great team that is collectively putting in 120% effort rather than their 100% effort, to outperform our own selves, and believe in creating newer, higher benchmarks within the organization. This ability of ours gives us distinct edge above our competitors.

The journey doesn't stop here; it’s just the beginning of a new phase of "A Success Story In The Making."

In the due course of this journey we will need more talent, more leaders and more think tanks to become a part of the Baramati Agro Family and walk hand in hand with us towards a something that started out as DREAM.

As an organization, we have always believed in relationships which have always been our source of energy and inspiration.

Our relationship with our employees, stakeholders, partners, services providers and customers has always provided us a platform for collaborative growth and immense learning. This ability of ours makes us partners of choice for our customers, employees, partners, vendors and stakeholders.

We thank you for all your continued support and trust in us. There is an exciting time coming ahead of us, and I am sure collectively we will be victorious.

"Together we can. And we will. Simply by linking the basics"

Mr. Rajendra Pawar


Baramati Agro Ltd, company started in 1988 with a goal to serve the society by creating value and becoming the company that will link people and their aspirations and in turn become a value platform for all of them to converge and till today we follow the same value system and always aspire towards 'Linking the Basics' for the people who are associated with us by means of employees, shareholders, vendors, service providers and our customers with highest level of Integrity and Empathy.

We have financially grown many folds since the inception but most importantly we have grown in strength because of our relationships and value system and this gives us a wonderful opportunity to optimally capitalize this strength and trust of people and to keep on enduring our journey of collaborative growth.

There could not have been any better juncture to embark a subsequent growth journey where we see Experience, Expertise, Passion and Urge for excellence, is immensely inculcated within our Organizational DNA.

Thank you for supporting us, we wish to celebrate the success together and hope to create an organization that is created by all our efforts put together.