We manufacture superior quality Extra Neutral Alcohol & Anhydrous Alcohol. We have our 300 KLPD molasses based distillery is equipped to produce Rectified Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol and Anhydrous Alcohol.

This distillery is located in Western Maharashtra, about 100kms from Pune at Shetphalgadhe, District :Indapur.

The distillery is operational for about 300 days in a year and uses molasses as the raw material which are sourced from our own and other co-operative sugar factories.

We have an annual Ethanol production capacity of 150 million liters of Anhydrous and 90 million liters of Hydrous Ethanol.


We produce multi-compendial (pharmacopeia) grade Rectified Spirit/Extra Neutral Alcohol (96%) and Absolute Alcohol (99.9%).  We have - in house advance laboratory with latest sophisticated equipment & technically strong experts to conduct alcohol analysis as per USP/BP/EP/IP/JP etc. We provide several declarations & statements; with traceability for vendor qualification as required by pharmaceutical companies.


We are ISO (9001 & 22000), Kosher, Bon Sucro certified & possess FDA Drug license. Our premium quality alcohol is used by several pharmaceuticals, inks, coatings, agrochemicals & perfume manufacturers in India & abroad.     

Manufacturing Process :-
  • The manufacturing process of Rectified Spirit & Extra Neutral Alcohol is based on the modern technology of Continuous Fermentation & Multi-pressure Vacuum Distillation.
  • The molasses from sugar factory is used as raw material.
  • The molasses is diluted and transferred into fermenters.
  • The propagated yeast is added into the fermenter for fermentation to happen.
  • The fermented wash is then taken for distillation.
  • The distillation process is carried out in 7 distillation columns with multi-pressure distillation techniquesThe Rectified Spirit is the initial product obtained. It is diluted with soft water and further distilled to remove any organic impurities & refined to obtain best quality Extra Neutral Alcohol.
  • We also have a molecular sieve dehydration plant for manufacturing of Anhydrous Alcohol from Rectified Spirit.
  • We focus on excellent quality of portable ENA as per the requirement of vendors and exporters. Our products are as per BIS and FSSAI specifications and standards.
  • Hydrous and Anhydrous Ethanol is marketed in both Domestic and International markets.